Melanie Gowen Number Three 3.24.17-13

Individualized Approach to Luxury

Melanie brings business expertise and design experience in the multilayered disciplines of brand strategy and design development. Centerloft translates into reality an investor's vision to have an in-town Nantucket property with a fresh seaside aesthetic, a branded identity, spaces with vacation hotel luxuries, in a delightful hospitality experience. The lifestyle journey has begun to deliver us from cookie-cutter to the carefully curated and now to a new and next generation of closeness and original creativity.

Centerloft has a personality of its own. Just as we expect our friends to enrich our lives with their personalities and experiences, we have the same expectations of real estate and especially the properties that we vacation in. The places that can fulfill this will be the ones to shape and own the future of Nantucket summer, by taking intimacy and integration to a whole new level.

Design Development

In 4 short months, Melanie has brought this project to life through market research and a multilayered design strategy – encompassing interior design, marketing collateral, events and business collaborations, you name it. Melanie specializes in positioning brands for marketing success. She develops and execute strategies that drive value for an individual’s retail real estate portfolio properties.

By reinventing the Nantucket lifestyle, Melanie is bringing consumers closer to a unique experience by re-focusing around fresh design and an exploration of individuality. Melanie believes that the next generation of lifestyle properties will come from a much wider arena - a whole new raft of influences that have an attitude and philosophy that can easily convert to compelling lifestyle brands.

Meet the Designer

Melanie brings a passionate, creative and disciplined approach to all of her projects. She is highly adept at implementing an integrated marketing plan that has a high return on investment.

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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